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Devblog #2 - Team introduction

May 21st, 2018


Project Manager and Game Designer
Hi, I'm Steffen. I've always been fan of telling stories and solving creative problems, something that was very important in my line of work as a photographer, and which is one of the driving forces that led me to start up NovaCorp and our first title MechWorld.
I've modded and made content for just about every game I've owned. With Delta Force 2 the hobby became an addiction fueled by the feedback from players. With Sims, my little sister hated me for taking up the chair in front of her favorite game for hours and days on end, creating a super hero league and breaking the game in every way possible. Now after some 20 years of modding other peoples games and working withing their restrictions - stretching the limits as far as possible, but never enough to complete the goal of perfection.. I felt it was time to set our own mark in the sand. To create the game we want to play - from scratch! For gamers - By gamers!


Hey, Im Konstantin. I'm an avid gamer since I'm 10. 3 years ago I started my studies in computer science.
During this time I realized that I have to expand my skills on my own to get a foot in the game industry. I am very confident that you can have the first version soon and give us early feedback. This will allow us to put the game on the right track right from the start.


Sound Designer
Hai, I'm Behnoud, game lover, programmer, sound designer and musician, I'm working professionally as a sound artist since 2010 and I'm also known as idft. with a classical music and IT background I had digital arts and electronic music works and experiences, I'm sure you will experience good sound and musics in this game.


3D Modeller
Hello, im George, as child i had always been a creative person and apparently i found that the computer is the best way to pour my creative juice and express myself (you can imagine the distress of my parents!). I love sci-fi and fantasy books and films and early on cgi and vfx inevitably came to my knowledge. So at the age of 16 i started learning 3D modelling and continue ever since. This project will be a perfect oppurtunity to grow further and reach higher skill levels and problem solving, in my book the more you try the more you get back so almost anything is possilbe.