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Devblog #5 - Setting foot on solid ground

June 29th, 2018


I've recorded hundreds of Foley (sounds mimicking the actual real-life sound. Named after sound-effects artist Jack Foley) so we do have a lot of sounds so far that will be used in different ways as we progress. I’m setting up a super nice thing for you which I'll release soon, that lets you explore how the sounds are in terms of quality and technical aspects. I will try to setup an diy antenna to help with the internet, so I'll be able to to stream some more. You'll want to bring out your headphones and listen carefully to the themes!

I've also been working with ztif on the trailer, which is starting to come together real nice.


In the past week I revisited the Login Page and improved the visual a bit. Beside this I continoued the work on the work on a propper damage system, which allow us to show you visual which parts are damaged and might causing issues in the next fight for you. Still working on this to make it work reliable . Stay tuned.


All roads now have been re-textured and optimized. This means that the roads will look better graphically while helping us maintain high performance levels. It is a big step forwards as the road system will be a large part of the play - combat area which means you will be seeing them fairly often. Next up is structuring a modular system in order to easily create many different buildings from the same building blocks which will allow for variation and highly customisable assets.



I've wrapped up a quick map which we'll use to do the initial multiplayer testing. One of our main goals with the game is to be able to deliver a huge persistent world that allows both survivalist gamers as well as hardcore pvp players to enjoy themselves and have a purpose. To do that we will rely on setting up a procedural approach with hotzones crafted with the pure love of an artist. For this initial test map, I opted for the quick and dirty aproach and painted the heightmap in photoshop and imported the .raw file into Unity.
I've also only used one of some of the asset tools we'll be using going forward, namely MicroSplat which has some pretty amazing plugins to it that we can expand upon. For now I've been using it to set up heightbased texture-blending of the splatmaps and a triplanar shader that allows me to paint vertically on things like cliffsides without stretching the texture, making it possible to do plateaus and steep hills without having to place 3d models into the scene.

While this test map is quite small (4 tiles x 500m) in comparison with the endless world we'll be aiming for as we go deeper into testing, it still has some of the elements we're looking to put into the game. There are two rather large and dense urban areas and a lot of hostile desert surrounding them with some of these hills that I've tested microsplat on.